Hamburg Walking Tours

Come To Know Hamburg In Depth

In 90 minutes to 3 hours you will hear many details about Hamburg, its buidings, its history, its people and its animals. Charming and humerous stories and anecdotes will amuse you and will create a memorable experience. We will visit originell shops, special pubs and places that are quite unusual. Walking Tours cost between 12,- and 16,- € per person Ask for group rebates.

Exspecially exciting are City Ralleys. You will get a cataloge of questions that will take you through the city, from one special place to the other. Of course the themes can vary, depending on the interest of your group. The questions could be historical or cultural, they could have to do with shopping or with sports, they could center around entrepeneurs or politics, social institutions or religion - depending on your group.

Costs are between 280,- and 350,- €

Hall of Fine Arts

Pricelist for downloading. (PDF)