Hamburg – the most beautiful city in the world

It may sound arrogant, but locals love this city with a vengeance. Every city is different. One is bland, one is colorful, one is tough, one is gentle. Hamburg is all of it - and one of the most beautiful cities at first sight. The beauty is hard to explain and easy to love. There are the gentle lake in the heart of Hamburg, countless miles of canals and ‘fleets’ and one of the biggest streams in Germany – the ELBE - roughing up the banks in the south during the winter storms. All along the waterways are countless, beautiful villas past and present, there are the neo gothic and quite unique buildings of the warehouse city and the romantic little houses in the charming quaters of Blankenese.

The second largest port in Europe welcomes mor than 12.000 vessels annually, guaranteeing the flow of cargo into and from Europe to North and South America, Asia and Africa. There are Feeder ships connecting smaller harbors at the Baltic, the North and the Mediterranean Sea with the rest of the world. There is the largest cargo train station in Europe securing the landline to all eastern European states, Russia and even China. There is one of the most important inland harbors worldwide – the second largest in Germany after Duisburg. Between 1840 and 1970 Hamburg was The GATE to the WORLD, Hamburg nowadays is much more The WORLD’s GATE to EUROPE and ASIA.

The Best Guide

If your time to discover the city is limited and your budget small take a Citytour-Bus. No one can give you a better overview of the city for a fair price than the ROTE DOPPELDECKER busline, which is the oldest and the largest company in Hamburg for guided bustours in Hamburg. No important sight will be left out.

On the other hand - an individual tour of course will be completely in english and can be specifically designed for your interests. You could rent your own bus for groups from 6 to 80 people and hire your personal guide. Or you could hire a guide for an interesting walking tour to discover important parts of Hamburg in more depth.

The perfect guide should not only know historical facts, but nowadays attractions and insider tips as well.

The Most Unique City Tours


This tour is exspecially designed for newcomers to Hamburg. The local name for new citizens is 'Quiddjes'. You will get a profound overview of the city, will understand a little bit of the geographie and the 'how to get where'. The 2 hours tour starts at the Hall of Fine Arts at the Glockengießerwall close to the main station and will end at the Hamburg Welcome Center at the city hall; cost 12,- € per person.

St. Georg

St. George is one of the most exciting quarters of Hamburg. From a troublesome history with plaque hospitals and gallow's hill St. George became one of the most trendy part of town. A colourful mix of cultures lead to a wide specter of culinary offerings and interesting social and art projects. The 90 minute tour starts at the Hamburg Theater at the main station and ends at the Alster Lake. Cost: 12,- € per person.

Elbchaussee and Blankenese

Wealth and poverty were never far in Hamburg. This tour starts on foot in the modest and colorful quarter of St. Pauli, continues with the pulic busline 36 along the elegant Elbchaussee and ends on foot again in the narrow, charming suburb Blankenese with its 400 stairs. Starting point for this 3 hours tour are the 'Dancing Towers' at the beginning of the Reeperbahn, costs 16,00 € per person plus public transportation (about 5,- p.p) .

For all walking tours please call for reservation: +49 (0)40 73434493 or +49 (0)151 58507454

The Smartest Harbor Cruise

During your stay in Hamburg you should absolutely plan a harbor cruise in one of the largest and most important ports in the world. Get a close look at some of the gigants of the seas, the big container vessels get informations about the most expensive hobby in the world - luxury yachts - and enjoy the waterviews of the harbor city and a couple of wharfs.

There are a number of shipping companies offering harbor cruises. One of the oldest and the largest company in Hamburg is ABICHT. It is the only shipping company that offers daily at 12.00 noon a harbor cruise in german and english during the season from april to october.

If you want to arrange a harbor cruise for a larger group of people with englisch, french, danish, spanish or russian narration, you can rent your own ship. Fees are depending on the size of the group (10 to 500 people), the length of the trip, the language and the catering.

Rickmer Rickmers Museumsship in Hamburg

Pricelist for downloading. (PDF)